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look space shuttle endeavour on its final journey these are live pictures from los angeles, not only is there the shuttle being moved through streets on its way to a museum you can see how slowly it is moving give crowds time to admire and cheer and savor this moment before they have to visit it at a museum. >> in orbit 17,000 miles an hour on the streets two miles an hour. two-day journey, 12 miles. we'll be right back. >>> carses coming from marin across the golden gate into san francisco for the most part leftover moisture a little sprinkle maybe a drizzle for the morning commute. warmer sunshine on the way. >>> oracle's ceo ellison may be making potential bid for multi-billion dollar sports and entertainment empire. ellison may be interested in the aeg group. the deal includes stakes in the lakers, kings hockey team and more than 100 worldwide entertainment and sports venues. sources say owning aeg would allow ellison to buy and relocate an nfl team to los angeles. >>> you might want to start stocking up on those forever stamps the postal service is raising the price of a stamp t
reveals his identity. what he is saying, next. >>> why los angeles police are investigating a dozen unsolved murders that may be linked to >>> welcome back. cloud cover changes are on the way. 20° cooler in some spots today i'll show that you big drop and update on your rain in a few minutes. >>> 5:43. the young man known as victim 1 in the jerry sandusky case is telling his story only to abc news. the 18-year-old reveals himself in a 20/20 interview airing tonight you can see part of that in morning on "good morning america" victim 1 says sandusky once chased him home from school. he said foaled him home through oncoming traffic. when the boy went up an alley to get away sandusky went to my house and parked out , yeah, it was that bad. you can see part of that interview on gma at 7:00. >>> los angeles police think an office in texas could whole the key to dozens of unsolved murders by the manson family four decades ago. the investigation came to light during a legal battle to obtain hours of taped interviews with manson follower. manson and his followers were convicted of killing
to are its new home in los angeles at the california science center. this is a live look at what's going on right now. the shuttle was supposed to arrive last night by 9:00, but right now it is still moving. the latest estimated arrival time at expedition park is about an hour from now. there's no single reason for the delay. it's the accumulation of a lot of small problems along the way. in one case, for example, there was a tree that planners did not think would be not the way but it had to be cut down. large crowd gathered in one spot where they thought they might hit a light post. >> because it is dark, it's hard to distinguish actual objects from shadows. the surface of the vehicle is incredibly vehicle. you can damage a tile just with your thumbnail. so he slowed the pace of the orbiter down to maybe a half-mile an hour, a mile an hour. >> on september 21st the endeavour made a quicker pass over the bay area riding peggy back on a specially equipped bogey 747. >>> one weekend is on alert this weekend after a series of mail thefts is happening. but neighbors do have one advantage, s
it stops church from being psychologically abuse. >>> like the first episode of carmageddon in los angeles, the sequel this weekend ended without a hitch. live look of the project that shutdown one of the busiest freeways in the world over weekend, i-405 reopened last night hours ahead of the 5 a.m. deadline. looking live, traffic moving. how often do you see that? the mayor declared it a success and l.a. drivers are packing the freeways to get to work without the dreaded carmageddon. >>> you may want to watch out around the coliseum tonight a's welcoming rangers, -- >> during -- [ unintelligible ] >>> 7:05 first pitch, about 70°, drop to 60 by the end of the game. let's talk about what is going on as far as clouds, do you see any? no not as we look from vollmer peak towards san francisco to sutro tower to the coast, absolutely nothing. live doppler 7 hd about the clouds, you don't have to worry about mist, drizzle, no rain, we can use it. these are latest conditions i just updated them, still 48 half moon bay, 50 santa rosa everybody else in the mid 50s to mid 60s until you get to fremon
for fundraising concert. he spoke to thousands at the nokia theater in los angeles last night. he came on stage after performances. he says he marvels at how they performed flawlessly night after night but cannot say the same for himself, poking finance at his performance in the debate with mitt romney. more on the latest poll coming up. >>> fleet week wraps up today with tours of ships from the u.s. navy, coast guard and royal canadian navy. they start at 9:00 this morning, will draw big crowds. weekend performances by the blue angels, america's cup and hardly strictly bluegrass festival drew massive crowds to san francisco. bart ridership hit record highs saturday over 319,000, compared to normal 200,000. topped the record set in september 2007 when the bay bridge was closed for three sporting events. [ unintelligible ] >>> boy was the weather cooperating over the weekend. >> you cannot have asked for any better in terms of viewing blue angels. >>> definitely beautiful over the weekend nice to see san francisco and the bay area shine so much on so many different channels, football, the americ
a jailbreak, the shooting of a los angeles county deputy, two carjackings, the chase near seattle and then the murder in hercules. >>> san jose safety personnel claim longer response times due to the lack of police officers and putting people's lives in danger. it's a story you will only see on abc7 news. earlier this month police sponged to an officer-involved shooting at a caltrain station. hours later they were called to an altercation as a check cashing business where someone was injured but no police were available to go. pair medition had to wait for the police to secure the scene and the victim died. >> it's extremely frustrating. we are trained. from the day we start you want to help people and to sit there with idyll hands is excruciating at times. >> fire regulations dictate crews may not enter a potentially dangerous scene until police declare it secure. >>> there a a warning. cooks are knocking on doors wearing orange public safety vests or security workers and it's a ploy to rub you. it happened once in oakland and in san francisco. never open your door to someone you
through los angeles yesterday when the accident happened. authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. the accident involved two las vegas police vehicle, two capital police vehicles that were part of the motorcade as well as two civilian vehicles. >>> this morning the national weather service has downgraded sandy from a hurricane to a tropical storm but they warn widespread impacts are still expected for the east coast. residents are being told to stock up with batteries, water, food, supplies in general for three days. the super storm is expected to make landfall on monday night near the delaware coast. airlines are warning about delays and all are waving fees for passengers who want to reschedule flights. five states have declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm. >> lisa joins us. nothing like that out here. >> no. hurricane hunters back in the storm. it's back up to a hurricane. >> yes, just by a couple miles. whole talk about that. and the contrast, which is our weather here, what a gorgeous shot. we are talking about clear conditions. you have to wa
of an onshore component, allowing the temperatures to cool agent bit the beginning of the week. look at los angeles, once again 85 degrees, above normal. 76 in oakland. that's a few degrees warmer than yesterday. 73 downtown with 78 in san jose and down by the monterey bay we are looking at another warm day for gilroy. highs in the low 80s. breezy conditions in detroit, mid-40s, winds out of the north at so to 20 miles an hour. back home very little change and we're talking about temperatures coming down and then the rain moving in by wednesday. >> just in time for halloween to soak the kids and the candy. >> that's right. but it lacks like more of a north bay event and then looks like we will be dry again by next weekend. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this afternoon the raiders are in kansas city to play the rival chiefs. tonight in detroit you know the giants have an opportunity to sweep the tigers and win the world series for the second time in three years. last night the giants' pitchers shut down the tigers to go up 3-0 in the series. here's larry beil with the highlights
inductees. they will be honored next april in los angeles. >>> next, president obama and mitt romney square off in their first debate. local supporters of both sides weigh in on who won. >>> bitter political dispute that has a city council who is a former cop splitting from the police union. >>> high temperatures today, coming down to more seasonal averages, 70 san mateo, 71 vallejo, upper 70s towards cloverdale, 77 san jose, upper 70s concord and livermore valley. airport delays around laguardia now with rain in the afternoon, otherwise nice forecast. we'll talk about tomorrow and the weekend which includes a more autumn-like number, coming up. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> t
valley, same with los angeles and san diego. 93° in palm springs. >>> 5:48. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky walked into a pennsylvania courtroom a few minutes ago. he could learn within the hour if he will spend the rest of his life in prison. the 68-year-old says he regrets not taking the stand in his own defense after being convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse against 10 boys. the last three months he's been spending time in jail, writing a statement he plans to read today. he issued an audio statement which ran on penn state's radio last night. >> they can take away my life, make me out as a monster, treat me as a monster in my heart i know did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> the sentencing hearing will include impact statements by at least two victims and messages of support from sandusky's friends and family. >>> abc news has learned the u.s. ambassador in libya wanted soldiers to stay with him after their deployment was scheduled to end in august. department official says the request was granted in february, u.s. ambassador stephens and three other a
everywhere he will mid to upper 70s through the central valley scattered shower possible yosemite 71, los angeles, san diego mid 70s, 93 palm springs. >>> police will be canvassing west san jose neighborhood this morning passing out fliers to alert about an arson the person struck eight times in past two weeks. video shows the most recent fire in an alley the back of many homes where residents park and throw out trash. three fires in three hours started on sunday loan. >> such a small area we do not want this person do continue in this behavior. >> very stressful in the last few weeks it is happening so often. >> this tree will be cut down today, trunk was already torched once. residents are afraid if it happens again the fire will be spread. >>> on capitol hill republican-led house committee set to hold a hearing on diplomatic security in libya. committee chairman darrell issa has accused the department of ignoring pleas to increase security in the months and weeks before attack. that attack on september 11th, killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens from the bay area and three other america
showers around san diego and los angeles, 93 in palm springs, mainly dry through the central valley stray shower possible mid to upper 70s. >>> 5:48. no school at miami-dade community college today or the rest of the week while florida investigators try figure out what caused a five story garage under construction to crumble. the accident killed two workers yesterday and another is still missing. one man was rescued from under a steel beam his face and hands bloody mess. another worker was trapped for 12 hours. overnight rescuers used a crane to remove debris and amputated the man's leg to pull him out. the cap us was evacuated to give rescuers room to work no students were danger the project cost 22 million dollars set to be finished in december. >>> mo yan just won the nobel prize in literature. described as one of the most famous and pirated of all chinese authors. european authors four of the past five awards this prize is worth 1.2 million dollars. >>> weird connection that could maybe explain why some countries tend to dominate the competition for nobel prizes the people in their co
. retired space craft is at its new home at the california science in los angeles. it got there 17 hours behind schedule sunday after incredible and historic and very slow journey through the center of the city. crews chopped down 400 trees to clear a path for endeavour which crawled through l.a. streets at two miles an hour. >> had to move in different directions this is amazing we were going around things sideways, going back and forth a lot. >> there were a few close calls, it came close to hitting light poles and free branches. the shrum goes on display at center october 30th. two miles an hour typical l.a. commute. >> who is qualified to drive such a thing? >> i guess european company actually provided the drivers they normally move things like bridges and houses. >> europeans are used to narrow spaces. >> yes, they are. >>> social security checks getting a little bigger, but not by much. >>> recall of peanut products possibly contaminated with salmonella grows. what you need to know to keep yourself say. >>> research shows one thing you can do to make your family smarter and slimme
s from big sur, 87 in sacramento, looks and feels like summer again today 91 los angeles, our own local heatwave coming up. >>> 5:48. port of oakland hired outside help to investigate stripper scandal. records indicate maritime operations director $4500 at a houston strip club in 2008. he hosted a dozen shipping execs at a club named treasures. the port held a special session to discuss their next move. the independent council will figure out what legal steps they may need to take. he is in china at another port conference. >>> golden state warriors showing off proposed future home in san francisco. the team has unveiled a concept design of the new arena. they hope the architects say they placed a 17,000 seat an katrina far from the sidewalk to preserve views of the bay. it is set to go up on what is now a parking lot. the pier will have docks for boats and kayaks. design has not been finalized but will have glass examine tenure. the team plans to be playing there in five years. >>> if you are a driver who has received a fiesty note on your car critiquing parking, new service has
in higher elevations this warm weather creating fatigue, dehydration, down to los angeles, 95° along the coast, 84 our relative humidity in our east bay valleys should drop between 15 and 20% temperatures coming up today a look at your neighborhood forecast, coming up. >>> we have an update on new information we brought in our last half hour. nike terminating relationship with former cycling champ lance armstrong over widespread doping allegations revealed last week. the company says: due to the seemingly ensure able evidence that lance armstrong participated in doping and misled nike more than a decade it is with great sadness we've terminated our contract with him. >> armstrong said he would step down as chairman of his live strong cancer-fighting charity to limit damage from the report. finding released from a finding last week detailing his widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs. >>> hundreds gathered yesterday to remember the late u.s. ambassador to libya who was killed last month during a violent uprising outside the consulate. christopher stevens grew up in piedmont. fr
tonight 60 sacramento, 68 fresno upper 60s los angeles and san diego with some sunshine there watch out for the snow in the sierra. >>> new this morning, head shaking story out of santa cruz female inmate leaving the county jail got more than her belongings back she left with a baby. 29-year-old clear lake woman escorted out of jail when she went that labor in the lobby. jail employee jumped in to help until paramedics arrived the baby arrived premature the mother had been jailed for public intoxication both are at the hospital. >>> in wine country folks have been working day and night to harvest grapes. some say it wasn't easy considering the bumper crop they had. the team at one winery says in two days they hauled in more than 200 tons, usually they do 40 tons day day. quick work was to hone in on certain varieties that could be ruined when the rains hit. >> there's a danger of rot, i have an a rain event like this we'll be rushing to get everything. >> growers are very excited about the quality of this year's grapes, which means wine lovers could look forward to enjoying a good vinta
screeners have been fired tops the list. jfk is next with 27 nations, 29 miami, 27 new york. los angeles international, hartsfield jackson atlanta and las vegas round out top five. oakland and san jose airports did not make the list. screening at sfo is contracted out to a private company. >>> we keep hearing warnings to change and choose -- topping this year's list -- [ unintelligible ] . >>> there's excitement this morning among skiers, snowboarders and lake tahoe resources after a storm system dumped 33 inches of snow up there that means boreal resort is hoping to open this friday. it will decide today if it can open early. resources see this as a soon of a good season ahead. >> the earlier we get the snow the more excited people get. they start buying gear and passes. >> we are looking forward to a better season this year, the early snow is going to be helpful if it keeps up we will be able to make up ground that we didn't have last year this time. >> you probably remember tahoe had scant snow pack last near, with one of the driest decembers on record. i know being an avid skier, you
at a los angeles county sheriff's deputy. >>> six hurt in an overnight crash in san francisco in stable condition. the single car accident happened before 10 last night at 18th and pennsylvania in the vehicle somehow rolled over and ended up on i-280 near mariposa street it closed one southbound lane of 280 and mariposa off-ramp for a time since then it has been cleared. >>> occupy oakland protesters plan to march on the police department and frank ogawa plaza today. one year ago today police tore down their encampment if the plaza prompting violent clashes between officers and demonstrators, 100 were arrested. today occupiers will does in all black and take obvious the plaza at noon followed by a march tonight at 7:00 oakland police will let them go ahead as long as it stays peaceful. >> criminal acts are not protected under the first amendment. our gel is to have a peaceful, successful event that -- our goal is to have a peaceful, successful event that is safe for all. >> what happened in the past we regret but we are now moving forward. >> city leaders say frank ogawa plaza is the ce
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